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All single terminal heating elements are classifed into this category of Cartridge heaters. Our diverse range of cartridge heater showcases Low Density / High Density Cartridge heater & Split type Cartridge heater. Application of cartridge heaters is mainly by insertion into the relevant sized molds for desirable heating purposes. Our range of cartrdige heaters are manufactured using top quality raw material US SS304/SS316 seamless sheath, Ceramic MgO embedded beads UK & Kanthal coils - Sweden.

Key features of Cartridge heaters:-

1. Customized Diverse High & low watt density design
​2. Vibration Resistant
​3. Optimal Thermal Conductivity
​4. Uniform heat transfer
5. Efficiency in terms of accommodating high wattages in small lengths
6. Long life

7. Simple & straight forward installation.