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Infrared & Ceramic Glass heaters have diverse applications, particularly in the plastic, construction, & hospitality industries. We offer the entire range of these type of heaters, in customized designs as required by our clients.  We showcase a large spectrum of Infra red glass heaters in superior quality glass tubes, imported from California USA.

Key specs & benefits of Infrared & Ceramic Glass Heaters:-

​1. Standard dimensions for Ceramic Glass Heaters are 240mm x 55mm & 120mm x 120mm

2. Voltage for Ceramic Glass heaters is usually <=400 & wattage is <=1000

3. We can manufacture Ceramic glass heaters in non standard dimensions & ratings.

​4. Less Maintenance

5. Unique engineering design & superior performance

​6. Long operational life & Compact design.

7. Glass tubes available in diameters from 8mm upto 19mm & lengths  300mm upto 1500mm