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Key features of Tubular Heaters:-

1. Diverse Range
2. Diversity in applications
3. Efficient Performance

4. Quality endorsed by Gaurantee

5. User friendly Installation & Application

Tubular heaters are categorized into Finned heaters, Air Heaters, Immersion heaters & Defrost heaters. Any customized heating element bearing two terminals are classified into the Tubular Heater Category. We manufacture customized tubular heaters in various lengths, diameters, wattages & voltages. From basic products, to heavy duty heating elements ranging upto 150KW, are all mastered to precision by our professional technical experts. 

Our range of tubular heaters are manufactured using quality Incoloy, SS316 seamless raw material, MgO powder imported from UK & Kanthal - Sweden coils. Upon client requirement & request, we are capable of providing an integrated digital heating control system, integrated with integrated Thermostats & Temperature controllers.

Swimming pool heaters, Dish Washer Heaters, Oven heaters, Deep fat fryer heaters, Galley heaters, Bain Marie heaters, Spiral heaters, Duct Heaters, U-shape double terminal heaters are all included under the tubular heater category.