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EMRTS Marine & Technical, PO BOX 3690, UAQ, T: 06 764 1943 F: 06 764 1123, 24 hour Toll Free 800-HEATERS, sales@emirates-marine.com, ​www.emirates-marine.com Copyright © EMRTS 


Our mission is to manufacture & supply cost effective solutions in form our products, with optimal unparalleled quality & superior service. ''Profit'' is our secondary objective. Our PRIMARY objective is satisfaction of our customer, resulting in long term customer retention. Building & sustaining long term relationships with clients has always benchmarked & defined our mission.


Our vision is embedded in the benefit of our customers. We consider customer's to be our commercial gods.

Dedicated Before & After sales service, Attention to detail & precision, continuous improvement in our products & operations, remain rooted in the benchmarks of our vision. 


Our quality objective for the coming year is to implement & maintain IS0-9001. Our policy primarily focuses on a quality management system that will allow management to perform PDCA's (Plan, Do, Check & Act) on the key operational, administrative & operational processes, aimed at providing superior value to our client's. All our products undergo stringent tests prior to dispatch - Resistance test, Megger test, HVAC test etc. Our quality is endorsed by a 6 month replacement gaurantee on technical defects on all our products, something which we take pride in revolutionizing in the heating industry.

** Warranty void on below:

1. Wear & Tear

2. Any modification to our supplied product

3. Any damage to our product due to physical misuse, drop damage, liquid corrosion, & all external factors

4. Incorrect Installation



Air Heater, Water Heater, High & low density cartridge heaters, Defrost Heater, Cartridge Heater, Hot Runner, Radiant Heaters, Oil Heaters, Mica heaters, Ceramic Band Heater, Plastic/ Rubber Heaters, Ovens & Furnaces, J/K/S Type thermocouples, Temperature Controllers, Hot Plates, Silicon Pad & Silica Heaters, PT100 & RTD Sensors, & basically everything covering the heating segment.


Thermocouples, Thermostat, Digital Temperature Controllers, Temperature Sensors, Transmitters, RTD Sensors, Proxy Sensors, PT100 Sensors.


Teflon Tape, Insulation, High temperature wires, Connectors, High resistance sleeves, Silicon sleeves, Magnesium Anode heating rods

Our Agenda: Optimal Quality, Cut Pricing & Superior before/after sales service!